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Senin, 29 Juni 2009
How to the most effective way to success is to PRAY and try as closely as possible.
we can also succeed with the support of FAMILY, FRIENDS, GIRLFRIENDsengihnampakgigi.
you will not succeed if you are not consistent with you WORKsedih, then this second start, change the method of your life, become batter at this now, BEFORE YOU REGRET LATER.

do not futile your life for just for fun,
world, this is not play, but for charity, and your remember gods.

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MPH and Yaman community Story at: 6 Juli 2009 11.46 mengatakan...

saya di bumi merupakan berkah dari sang pencipta. dan sebaik-baiknya kan saya isi sesuatu hal yang menyenangkan ciptaan-Nya yang lain... Thanks God...

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